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As the Mayor of my town, why would I contract out for sweeping services?
Generally speaking, the services are provided on a more economical basis and the quality and frequency of service are guaranteed by contract.

What do you mean that the quality and frequency of service are guaranteed by contract?
The contractor only gets paid after the work has been completed and is found to be of the proper quality. Often times when work is performed in house, sweeping cycles are skipped for a multitude of reasons. This tends not be the case for services that are only paid for if they are performed.

What does the Clean Water Act have to do with sweeping and catch basin cleaning?
An integral part of the “Clean Water Act” is the obligation to use best management practices to keep our streams, lakes, bays, etc. clean. Failure to implement a written plan to keep pollutants from our highways from ending up in our waterways subjects governmental agencies to large fines.

What type of sweeper is best, an air machine or mechanical?
It depends on the job that you have to do!
If there is a large amount of material (sand, gravel, soil, etc.) a mechanical sweeper will perform the job in the most efficient manner.
On the other hand, if you have an area that is frequently swept and has light debris with paper and cups, a regenerative air sweeper would be a better choice.
The Dejana family of companies has the ability to provide the type of sweeper you may require.