Why is there a trend to out-sourcing sweeping services? The answers lie in the reliability of the service, the quality of service, and the economics of the service. Municipalites are confronted today with the challenge of maintaining services with fewer resources. In some cases services have been reduced or eliminated because of budget considerations. Contract sweeping permits the continuation of services within an acceptable economic framework.

Sweeping is often selected for out-sourcing because the maintenance and operation of a sweeper is a particularly high budget item. The power sweepers today are expensive to buy, $175,000+, and the required maintenance to keep them running is often expensive for a municipality or small company with only a few sweepers. We at Dejana own, operate and maintain in excess of 180 sweepers. We know what it takes to provide a service your residents will appreciate. We know how to repair sweepers and keep them running. Our knowledge and economies of scale permit us to provide you an economic alternative to "doing-it- yourself."

Out-sourcing sweeping does more than free up your men to work in other areas. If we are required to sweep the streets one time per week, it is done without fail. There are no excuses about broken equipment, men on vacation, or the like. Why? Because if we don't sweep we don't get paid. That's right, contracts for sweeping tend to be for services performed; inclement weather (snow, ice or torrential rain) is the only reason we would not sweep when we are contracted to do so. In essence you can be assured of the best service and you will be providing more services to your residents than in the recent past as your men have more time for much needed public works.

Finally, you may also be aware that EPA & DEC are actively trying to lessen the pollution in storm water discharge. They have active programs in major areas where the storm water is discharged into streams and tributaries and it is just a matter of time before they come to your area to implement improvement programs. The recommended "best practice" for the reduction of pollution and to improve the environment is frequent street sweeping to prevent pollution from entering into the storm drains and to clean the catch basins annually.

We know that the economics of a sweeping program are important to everyone. Your actual costs will be dependent on the nature of the service you specify and the responses you receive in the competitive bidding process. We would recommend you consider utilizing a "Request for Proposals" (RFP) process as the best method to receive and evaluate the various sweeping bids.

Nevertheless, for your planning purposes let us provide an estimate based on the following service plan:

  • Sweeping the roads one time per week.
  • Disposal of all material will be at a site you provide.
  • Dejana will use either "Power Broom" sweepers or "Regenerative Air" sweepers dependent on the time of year and the nature of the debris on the streets. By having two types of machines you can be assured of the very best service. "Broom" machines are best when the debris is heavy, ie. sand. However, when the debris is light, ie. litter, the "air" machines which act like a vacuum cleaner are better. Dejana has both types of equipment available and will select the best machine for each sweeping condition.
  • All manpower and equipment will be provided by Dejana.
  • If you desire we will remove all leaves in the fall for a separate and additional fee.