Customer service and technological innovation are the foundations on which our success has been built. This focus allows us to provide quality services at a fair price.

Snow removal is our full-time business, not a seasonal job. Our customers enjoy the benefits of this focus. GIVE US A CALL!

Clearing taxiways to allow for
safe arrival of air traffic.
Serving America's Airports, Marine Terminals, Municipalities, and the Private Sector
Aero has been clearing snow in airports, cities, municipalities, shopping malls, sports complexes, seaports and at commercial sites for more than 30 years. We are innovators in the snow removal and snow melting industry.

Aero provides numerous snow removal services at major airports throughout the United States:

  • Logan International – Boston, MA
  • Newark Liberty International – Newark, NJ
  • John F. Kennedy International – New York, NY
  • LaGuardia – New York, NY
  • Philadelphia International – Philadelphia, PA
  • Washington Dulles International – Washington, DC
  • Baltimore-Washington International – Baltimore, MD
  • O’Hare International – Chicago, IL
  • Denver International – Denver, CO

Full Service
Aero offers full service snow removal programs consisting of pushing, piling, physical removal of snow, and melting as well as the application of liquid and solid de-icing agents. “Full Service” means that our customers never have to call. We start snow removal operations automatically at pre-determined levels and then complete the service in a timely and efficient manner.

Going Green! Melters Make Good Economic and Environmental Sense!
Melting eliminates the double and triple handling of snow associated with trucking to storage/dump sites. The reduction in equipment and the elimination of the use of dump trucks makes compelling economic and environmental sense. In this time of heightened environmental awareness, on-site melting is an advantage to our customers.

Our 30-foot custom snow plow used
at airports throughout the country.
Getting rid of piles of snow and returning your customers’ property to full access quickly and economically is a challenge. Aero Snow Melters solve the problem and do it in an efficient and environmentally friendly way... Snow goes in and water comes out. Trash, sediment, and heavy pollutants are trapped and retained for separate disposal. Aero Snow Melters have proven themselves with more than 20 years experience at airports and municipalities throughout the country.

Aero will come to the contractor’s site and make piled snow disappear. Aero provides a snow melter, a melter technician and a fuel truck with an operator. The contractor provides payloaders and operators to load the melter. Melting on-site eliminates the need for trucking and the danger of slip and fall accidents related to the thawing and re-freezing of piled snow. The customer’s site is returned to full functionality with a minimum loss of revenue and customer inconvenience.

Melting eliminates the need for trucks to operate among aircraft and ground equipment in busy aeronautical areas.

Snow melting greatly enhances critical airport security on airside by eliminating trucks, drivers and the need for escorts.

Melting Snow vs Trucking
The costs associated with trucking or hauling snow to remote storage sites can typically exceed the cost of melting snow on-site. Aero can provide a more than competitive cost-saving program that will save you money over trucking or hauling.

Our 150 tons-per-hour self-propelled
snow melter, with expandable
loading area.
Aero Snow Melters are Available for Single or Multi-Season Lease.
Aero offers melter leases to qualified customers on a seasonal basis. The lease includes training on melter operation and a warranty on all major components. The lessor is responsible for all operating costs. Leases are subject to melter availability & seasonal commitments.

Aero Snow Removal Corp.

  • On-call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week during snow season.
  • Snow removal operations can be contracted to begin at a pre-determined start level. You never have to call us!
  • We own, operate and maintain a fleet in excess of 1,200 pieces of equipment, many of which are customized and highly specialized. Our equipment dedicated solely to snow removal includes: snow melters, plows, payloaders, skid steers, and spreaders.
  • We own and operate the largest fleet of snow melters in the country.
  • We provide fuel trucks and fully-equipped mobile service units staffed with experienced heavy equipment mechanics.
  • We employ managerial and supervisory personnel fully experienced in all phases of snow removal operations.

For information about Aero Snow Removal Corp. and/or an estimate for services, please give us a call.

Aero Snow Removal Corp.
30 Sagamore Hill Drive
Port Washington, NY 11050
Phone: (888) 848-AERO